May 10, 2016


Carbon Fibre meets SUP


Carbon Fibre meets

the funsport SUP

Last week we have been out at the Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf Austria. Birgit and Didi are enthusiastic SUP users and they had a chance to test the new SAY SUP boards.

Here ist there little feedback they wrote for us:
This little taste of summer is dynamite! The speed needle is true to its name. In the limited trials, it has really performed. It has been a blast to use, and I appreciate the opportunity. The size and weight of the board make it nearly bulletproof in the water and as a result require a bit more upper body strength to get it really moving and also sales market narrower then a stock everyday Paddleboard. The construction and design speak for themselves.

say_sup_03 say_sup_02 say_sup_01