SAY Carbon Yachts 29

SAY29Her unmistakable clean design, reduced to the necessary, The 29 Runabout Carbon, clearly is one of SAY most impressive model.
The number 29 in this case, not only represents her length but also the exclusively small amount of this limited edition to be produced.
Her immensely efficient hull lets her glide through the water with indescribable ease. >>>>


SAY 31RIB’s already enjoyed a reputation of being easy to handle, lightweight boats.
SAY 31 RIB Carbon takes this reputation to a new level. Not only is it lighter then comparable glass fiber or aluminum boats but it convinces with impeccable handling, ease of maneuvering and a high degree of open water safety and comfort. It is equally ideal to explore shallow water ways since it’s lightweight has gives the vessel a minimal draft. >>>>

SAY42Clean lines and strong appearance give this yacht it’s impressive character. Multiple engine options up to 1000 hp deliver the performance to match the solid statement this yacht makes.
Take a sporty ride with 9 passengers to your favorite swimming cove, drop anchor and enjoy it’s unmatched swimming platform which truly lets you experience feeling of being on the water. >>>>

SAY 42The 42 Runabout with its spacious  cockpit, amenities and seating arrangements is a perfect sport day yacht choice for a group of friends or family. It’s comfortable seating and sun bathing areas along with extensive teak decking confirm it’s comfort and exclusivity. >>>>

SAY42Speedster opens new dimension and is the flagship among SAY Yachts.
The entire structure including supra structure is made from carbon.
Power, range and endurance and comfort ensure several days on the water or in enroute. >>>>

SAY4545 RIB takes the concept of 31 RIB to new dimensions. It features all the advantages of a RIB and combines it with the comfort and safety of an enclose superstructure.
The dimensions of 45′ and 13.7′ ensure a passenger capacity of 14 person. >>>>

SAY45It is a wonderful fusion of multiple positive features of several SAY Yachts.
Solid rough water characteristics, One would expect from a commercial or safety response vessel, but in its civilian version clad in contemporary stylish elegance. >>>>


SAYCAT As guest on one of the largest and most luxurious private yachts in the world, Lady Moura, you will experience the transfer trip from the shore to the Mega Yacht in a SAY Cat Tender Carbon Yacht. >>>>


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SAY celebrates its 10 year anniversary! We SAY yes to the future! Speed Art



SAY yes to more! The mantra of SAY. A SAY Yacht always offers more. She excites and captivates boating enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike.
Her apparent, clean and functional lines mirror her performance potential. >>>>


The SAY Company was established in 2006 by Sven Ackermann, an enthusiastic young german naval architect who received his degree in the USA. >>>>


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SAY yes to more engineering! The focus of SAY engineering is to achieve a

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SAY yes to more carbon fiber and kevlar. Modern materials, are the tools of

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SAY yes to more design! SAY Yachts mesmerize the eyes with their unique and