At our yard on the Bavarian shores of Lake Constance we develop ultra-light carbon fibre-based Super Sport Yachts.

Backed by decades of boat-building experience combined with engineering know-how gained in the Formula 1 race car business, we carefully hand-craft our boats one by one.



Karl Wagner’s expertise in carbon lightweight engineering is unparalleled. He has helped the best Formula 1, Le Mans and motorcycle racing teams win top titles, and he has brought numerous innovations to the aerospace industry. The underlying challenge in all of his projects is to achieve maximum performance through the use of carbon fibres. Together with his team, he has joined SAY to put his entire know-how to work on the water.


Apart from Karl Wagners carbon expertise, our entire engineering team has comprehensive know-how in lightweight construction. Every one of them has between 10 and 30 years of experience in boatbuilding, racing or automotive engineering. We know all the processes and secrets of the trade. The use of carbon makes our boats comparable to super sports cars in many ways.



Carbon fibres are extremely stiff and lightweight and have a tensile strength comparable to steel while weighing only a fraction. The result is ultra lightweight yachts. Compared to conventional boats with the same propulsion power, they accelerate more aggressively, reach higher top speeds, and feature much better manoeuvrability – while always preserving full control. What is more, the reduced weight translates to much lower emission and fuel consumption values.


At SAY we are pursuing one goal – realising the best-in class power-to-weight ratio for each boat. To achieve this goal, we took some processes and advanced software solutions from the automotive industry and adapted them to the needs of boatbuilding. We start with a virtual design and computer-based models of the hull. When we are ready for the first simulations, we build a complete three-dimensional model of the entire boat on the computer, including all calculations. This allows us to fully plan and simulate every tiny detail before the boat goes into production.

Every customer-specific request can be incorporated into the 3D model and visualised on screen. Based on these virtual models, we can generate complete computer blueprints for production. This process is one of the unique strengths of SAY and practically unrivalled in the boatbuilding industry.

our Yard


Visitors entering the state-of-the-art SAY yard feel reminded of an exclusive designer study. They witness the creation of masterworks of engineering in small-batch manufacturing by people paying close attention to the tiniest details. 2015 was a year of change for the yacht builder. After the takeover by Karl Wagner and his team, the company relocated to a newly built facility offering state-of-the-art equipment. The companys management, engineering and production departments are all under one roof now, ensuring smooth processes from planning through to completion. The yard is located in the Allgäu near Lake Constance where it has excellent access to all modes of transport. Customers are welcome to visit at any time to watch the production process of their yachts.


What they SAY about us


With the SAY CAT Tender Lady Moura got an equal tender boat! The clear simple lines in perfect workmanship inspire crew and passengers alike.

With the automatically retractable roof the handling on the mother ship is easier than ever and the automatic gangway at the bow makes a uniquely noble entrance possible for our guests! The stable sailing characteristics on the water, the perfectly used and generous space and the associated comfort are very much appreciated by the passengers. A boat that could not better represent the Lady Moura!

Captain of “Lady Moura”, one of the world’s largest and most luxurious private yachts