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A good start into 2019



A good start into 2019

First of all, we wish all our customers, fans and friends a lot of joy under the Christmas tree, many friends and a good start into 2019.

SAY’s production is running at full speed. We are currently building 3 boats in parallel to satisfy our customers who want to have the boats available by mid-April. The boat 2019 in a few weeks in Duesseldorf will be another highlight for us. We present during the nine days of the fair two SAY29 Runabout CARBON:

The SAY 29 RUNABOUT spells pure performance. Its pure carbon composite hull weighs as little as 350 kilograms. Thanks to its low weight, the boat achieves the breath-taking acceleration of a super sports car even with the 350 hp entry-level engine. With the premium 483 PS power plant by Ilmor, the SAY 29 RUNABOUT reaches a top speed of 55 kn (102 km/h).

SAY29 E RUNABOUT CARBON: The world’s fastest e-boat. Reaching a top speed of 48 knots (89 km/h), the SAY29 E is currently unequalled. The propulsion technology is from Kreisel Electric, Europe’s most innovative developer of e-mobility solutions. Kreisel’s technology achieves a peak output of 360 kW – at pleasantly low noise levels, and with a more than adequate fuel range.

We keep you updated on our activities on the Website, on Facebook and on Instagram. We are looking forward to another great carbon fiber yacht powerful year.





All about composite parts


Latest technology

for high quality composite parts

All our in-house composite parts are made with vacuum infusion technology. Therefore every part has its own mould. Stronger composite laminates, the high repeatability and consistency between parts are just a few advantages compared to open moulding technology.

The preliminary work to the vacuum infusion procedure includes: Cutting of the carbon fibres + optional required sandwich materials and – depending on the part, different flow additive fabrics. Before the infusion process starts, all the material is carefully placed in the mould. The whole material is sealed by a vacuum film. If everything is ready the actual infusion process can start. For this, the assembly is connected to a resin reservoir on one end and to a vacuum pump on the other end. While the air is then being sucked out the resin is flowing into the part. Finally, when the whole part is completely filled up, the in- and outlets are getting closed and the vacuum is hold until the resin is cured.

Vacuum infusion is a technology to produce CFK parts. means sucking resin into the fibre material by applying vacuum. Fibre materials (1) are cutted into certrain shapes and inserted in dry conditions into tools or moulds. Flow mesh is applied (2) on the component.  Resin is sucked in into resin-feed tubes (3) via vacuum tubes, connected to a vacuum pump.  The whole component is sealed in the mould with vaccum bagging film (4) and seal with so called tacky tape (5).

All you need is speed


All you need is speed

… and a SAY29 Runabout!

April was an exciting moment in the history of SAY. The newly released SAY29 runabout entered the water for the first time. The attention it received from the shores of Lake Constance was fantastic. The SAY 29 Carbon Yacht not only impressed through its unusual colour choice – a sporty orange, but also by its high speed and unique sound. SAY was given special permission to test its high speed performance to the max. Peak performance targets were easily achieved. The incredible acceleration and easy handling staggered the entire SAY team. The test results will be published soon.

For Speed fans, why don’t take a look for yourselves. Watch the whole video of our SAY29 Runabout and listen to that incredible engine sound.