Newport Boat Show

SAY29 Runabout Carbon

Big boats, new trends and one big highlight – the new SAY29 Runabout Carbon Yacht.

At the beautiful Newport Beach in California, where every year the big boat show happens, SAY will present the stunning new SAY29 Runabout Carbon Limited Edition to the audience. We are pretty sure, that the unique design and authentic colour will be exceptional to all other boats in the harbour. Also for the first time, the new full range up to 45 feets, including 8 different models, will be released to the public.

The Newport Boat show, is one of the biggest exhibitions in the West. The finest yachts in the world will be shown at the Lido Village from the 12th until the 15th of May. More than 200 boats will be on display and one of them will be SAY Carbon Yachts.

For those of you seriously interested in trailing the new SAY29 Runabout Carbon Limited Edition, we are available on Monday the 16th of May. Make as soon as possible an appointment and … SAY yes to more!